Shadetech is the sister concern of M/S Comtech, an engineering company operating in Bangladesh since 2000. Shadetech was established in 2012 to focus company business on architectural shades and tensile membrane structure. These structures are lightweight, flexible and due to its sculptural shape aesthetically pleasing. Tensile membrane structures can add to the overall appearance of your projects significantly. Such structures can be used in Swimming Pools, Gardens, Rooftop Decoration, Mosques, and Commercial Projects like Shopping Centers, Convention Halls, Resorts and Hotels, Re-Fuelling Pumps etc. The Tensile Fabric can also be used to enhance the beauty of any landscaping project.

The designing and implementation of tensile structure requires specialized skills and equipments. Shadetech is happy to announce that it has acquired all the needed skills, equipments, and contacts to implement tensile structure projects successfully. So far Shadetech has completed a project in Taqua Mosque and In front of Dhanmondi Road 32. We are negotiating a number of high value projects as well.

The world of technical textile is vast and Shadetech aims at developing world class competencies so that it can offer contractors. Bangladeshi customers high quality solution at a reasonable cost compared to overseas.